Van risico tot kans
From risk to opportunity

Our General Conditions and our Privacy Statement

General Conditions

In short: 

Just like almost any other company, Black Stallion B.V. uses General Conditions. In these conditions, that apply to all quotations, requests for quotation, contracts, assignments and activities of Black Stallion B.V., some important matters are stipulated. For example the obligations and rights of both parties, the base on which an assignment has been accepted (usually based on best reasonable effort), meeting obligations and default, payment and liability provisions. 

You can read the complete General Conditions by clicking here

Privacy Statement and Cookies

In short: 

Black Stallion B.V. takes your privacy serious. By being in contact with us, obviously some data are stored and kept by us, such as your first and family name, the company on whose behalf you are in contact with us, your (preferably business) phone number and e-mail address, and details that are commonly necessary to know and keep in business contact, for example your title or position in your company. 

It can occur that we store these details because you are referred to elsewhere as contact person for your company, because we met at an exposition or convention, or because you handed us your business card. These data are only used by for business communication purposes. We never share your data with third parties, except if the law forces us so, if you request us to do so, or if this is inherent in our business relationship.

Our full Privacy Statement will be shown if you click here.

What else... 

We don't send spam. Our "Goed om te weten..."-newsletter, any useful tips and hints or other important information may be sent (with restraint) to the contact persons of our relations via their business e-mail address. We don't feel the need to shout out to you on everything that happens in our world, only if there is something that we believe may be useful to you. That said, by using the contact form you can let us know at any moment that we should no longer call or e-mail you, and of course we will adhere to that. 

Once again: we never sell client details to anyone, not even corporate client details.

About cookies, we may be seen as old-fashioned, but seriously: we believe cookies are very suitable with coffee or tea only. To be honest, we don't even know how to place them. We do monitor - via a Statcounter application - how many visits take place to our website and from which countries/regions, but this does not include personal data or even IP-address details. All this sneaky stuff: we don't need it, we don't use it, we don't like it and we definitely don't pay for it. Simple as that.

This is why you don't need to make any privacy setting choices on our site; we only keep the strictly necessary details and nothing else. Our website works optimally, also without forcing you to make choices.

For the same reason, we also don't use any personal or corporate details for analytical purposes. We can use our time better than that. If we think our services may be interesting for a certain business or entrepreneur, then we will communicate this one-on-one with a publicly referred representative or with the company's management. Good old manual searching in publicly available data...  

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