Van risico tot kans
From risk to opportunity


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Black Stallion B.V. assists foreign investors, companies that do business with the Netherlands and Dutch subsidiaries of foreign multinationals, with all matters related to liability risk management, claims, recovery, product recall and B2B disputes. 

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We are not a law firm or insurance agent/broker, we are a 100% independent sparring partner, doing just what this role means: listening, stepping into your shoes, challenging you to see perspectives, and sharing our 40 years of experience and useful tips.

As a semi-retirees we're not out there for the jackpot, if you know what we mean; we just enjoy too much what we do to retire or quit. 

It keeps us up to date, and it's is why we are driven and pragmatic as ever. Our ambition is to help you discover what is needed in your case, and what you can do yourself. This can save you substantial spending on legal fees, premium for irrelevant extra insurance clauses, etc. 

Maybe even more important: we help to reduce the risk of reputation damage. On this page, we list just a few of our services, but please contact us anytime if you have additional questions. 

Liability risk assessment and advice

Although the Netherlands is a European country in many aspects, there are some things very specific, that may be very different from other countries. Examples of this are employer's liability, social security and recovery in case of injury, asbestos work related claims, etc. We are familiar with them and include them in our assessments.

We have an adaptable Quick Scan that we can use to give you a glance about typical risks for your business, as well as a more in-depth liability risk assessment method. 

Product Recall

Jacques' first big recall case goes back to the mid 1990's, when he was part of the team, working on a worldwide recall for an international beer brand. The experience of being in the heart of an organization in a professionally managed crisis, was the beginning of much more. Over the years, he has been called in by numerous companies, not only to join their crisis teams when a recall was on, but also to help designing and test their recall plans.

Claims and dispute management

Claims are often seen in the context of insurance. But in reality, for a business there is much more to it than just the insurance coverage. A claim, just like a business dispute, is an interruption from the normal business process or the performance that a business wants to deliver. Business relations may be at stake, and reputation. Would you entrust such interests to your insurance company, without being hands-on yourself? That's were we come in. Because we are not tied to any of these parties, except to you, and we can see the broader business picture.

What else?

Other services that we offer are claims and complaint process consulting, contract risk, litigation management and insurance archaeology (for asbestos and environmental claims that are no longer insured, but used to be in a distant past). 

We can tell you about our services in much more detail, and keep in mind that our independence allows us to adapt the exact type of services to your wishes. If you speak Dutch, please also check our "Diensten" page).

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