Van risico tot kans
From risk to opportunity

Sparring partner on liability risk, product recall, reputation. 


Risks in connection with doing business as one of the parties in a value chain are complex and not easy to manage.


There are many service providers and financial institutions that offer either advice or protection on specific parts of this subject. For example law firms, the big accounting firms and insurance companies. However, there is more to it...


As an entrepreneur you know that "risk" is broader than just the financial, legal or insurable aspect. Risk is affecting a company's reputation, its commercial position and in fact its existence. 

Tips and hints

At the same time, taking risk is a necessity to do business successfully.

We are not a law firm, we do not sell financial advice or products, and we are not an insurance agent. We look at the full scope of the above mentioned risks. Based on 40 years of experience, in which we have seen all practical aspects. 

Companies themselves can do a lot to identify, understand and mitigate their risks, and to manage the consequences. It enables them to improve the overall risk profile and reduce their total cost of risk ("TCR"). Doing so, they can make use of insurance and legal services in a more targeted and effective way, and save unnecessary expenses. 

This is why we should be your first contact, before you possibly spend too much on unnecessary services by others. 

As a small organization, we are very flexible in our service concepts. Working with us can range from a sparring talk over a cup of coffee, to our participation in your internal crisis team, and everything in between. 

On this site, you will find much more about us and our services, including case examples. You also will find useful hints and tips, which are updated regularly.

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