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My name is Jacques Timmers (1957). On this page I introduce myself and my role in the company. 

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After having worked the major part of my career with multinational players in the field of insurance and risk management, I made the move in 2018 to Black Stallion B.V. My experience is mostly in the area of corporate and product liability, reputation risk, business-to-business disputes, claims and product recall. Especially the prevention and mitigation of such risks, and the assistance to clients if such a situation nevertheless occurs. 

Working from the pragmatic approach of Black Stallion B.V. I now contribute my almost 40 years of experience with enthusiasm for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and abroad. With two feet on the ground, practical, empathetical realistic, and against surprisingly competing fees. 

My native language is Dutch, and I am fully fluent in English, German and French, including business and legal jargon. In addition I can manage well in Spanish and Italian, and speak some Mandarin Chinese at basic conversation level. 

Black Stallion B.V. is my partner's company. My move to this smaller organization in 2018 was a surprise to some of my relations, considering the way I always enjoyed my work over the years. That satisfaction I may find even more in my current position than with the big companies that I used to work for. It is not only that an extra dimension is added by the specifics of the export and food business, but I can still make my experience available, in a very accessible way to entrepreneurs, regardless the size of their company. And I can do that now in a fully independent position, because this advising, assisting and sparring is the only thing that we actually do in connection with risk management. We do not sell legal, financial or other risk-advisory services.   

In short: this move was a good decision, with many great memories of, and appreciation to my wonderful former employers, colleagues and business relations. 

Short CV

1976-1979: Travel agent and tour-operator, The Hague  

  • a variety of positions connected to the organizing of luxury coach travel, cruises and travel insurance

1980-2006: Multinational insurer for business clients, The Hague

  • Claims handler and team leader liability claims
  • International claims manager
  • Project leader multinational insurance programs and claims skills
  • Risk engineering corporate & product liability and recall


2006-2018: American worldwide insurance broker and risk consulting firm, Rotterdam

  • Liability & Claims consultant
  • Vice President claims consulting & product recall


2018-heden: Black Stallion B.V., Gouderak

  • Consultant liability, recall, export & supply chain risk


Expertise and Specialism

  • Product- and process-related risk that can lead to liability claims and product recall and withdrawal situations
  • Contractual risks in the supply chain (upstream and downstream), general conditions 
  • Strategy and negotiation in case of international business-to-business disputes
  • International litigation management (for example: selection of counsel and facilitating process)

Founder/director of Black Stallion B.V.

Noreen, the owner and director of Black Stallion B.V. founded the company in 2017 as an American citizen with a career background in accountancy. She worked as a CPA until the 1990's in New Jersey (USA), Beijing (China) and Hong Kong. 

She has been active since 2001 in the export business of food and beverage from France and other European countries to the Far East. In connection with this, she was the first who was able to convince the French producers and the government that various slaughterhouse byproducts, that up to then were considered as worthless, actually do represent a value for export. Together with the government departments and the sector, a start was made with the necessary veterinary protocols and regulation for these products, and a market was developed.  

Ever since then, export takes place continuously, and containers are on their way virtually every moment. Other products were added to the range such as wine, spirits, cheese, bacon and some cosmetic products. Since 2017 the coordination of the export activities take place via the office in the Netherlands. 

As a natural part of this business, our company is advising exporters in Europe and other western countries frequently in export related matters, including questions on risk management, recovery of losses, damages and costs, and the legitimacy of potential customers and suppliers in China.  

Maybe unexpectedly at first glance, this is where the export-related and risk management activities come together, and another example of this is contract risk. One additional advantage is the fact that we can use each other's existing networks for the benefit of Black Stallion's clients. 

Apart from the western languages already mentioned above, our communication in the export business usually is done in Cantonese and Mandarin-Chinese / Putonghua. 

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