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Black Stallion B.V. has 40 years of experience on board in the area of entrepreneurial risk connected to the relation between companies, their activities, services and products and the market. We are happy to share that knowledge and expertise with you. 

We would feel honored to be your sparring partner, and nothing more than that. 

We do not act as legal or financial advisor or insurance agent or broker, so we are totally independent. We are the confidante where experience from practice can be found, without the agenda of selling anything else. 

Although we do have a network of external specialists whom we can rely on if needed, we do not have any interests with insurers, consulting firms or law firms. We do not receive any commission from third parties. If we have been retained by you, the only one that we report to is you, our client.  

This also means that we look at risk much broader than just the legal, financial or insurance aspects, as we are not limited by anyone or anything. Exactly that wide angle look is our profession. 

We don't have a complex hierarchical structure, no set of rigid prefab service concepts, and most definitely no bureaucracy. Our services can vary from brainstorming with you for a few hours, to more comprehensive and complex projects and anything in between. We have no minimal limits for the number of billable hours or the financial size of the companies that engage us. This makes us definitely a partner for smaller companies as well.  

If you like to know more, then please call or e-mail us, or leave a message via the contact form on this site. We will be delighted to discuss with you how we can assist your company. 

Jacques Timmers

Black Stallion B.V.
Beemd 1
2831 XH Gouderak

tel.:     +31 (0)6 2471 6388


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